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Mobile Avengers

Gamification is coming to mobile banking, and to the 6th Annual Mobile Banking and Commerce Summit. This year’s conference will offer a great overview of how games are being used in financial services and give attendees first-hand experience with mobile gaming as you battle head-to-head with fellow attendees playing Mobile Avengers.

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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

7:30 AM - 8:15 AM


Carl Tsukahara, CMO, CLAIRMAIL

Today, the mobile payments space is an increasingly complex web of third-party technology companies, wireless providers and financial institutions (FIs). As major players like Google Wallet have stepped back to reconsider their mobile money strategies, others have delayed product launches, or shifted focus to smaller market segments. These, along with many other factors inherent in the relationship between consumers and their banks, put FIs in the perfect position to own the mobile payments space. Meanwhile, as consumer mobile banking adoption continues to accelerate, FI customers will eventually perceive mobile payments as a natural extension.

In this session, Carl Tsukahara, Clairmail’s Chief Marketing Officer, will explain why FIs that tightly integrate mobile payment services with their mobile banking platforms and leverage existing relationships will hold a distinct advantage over non-FI mobile payment competitors. The session will explore key areas of expertise that FIs must leverage, including a superior customer experience, brand trust, security and risk management. Ultimately, attendees will learn why the opportunity for FIs to lead the mobile payment space has never been greater.

Additionally, Carl will discuss what the future of payments looks like for FIs, and provide tactical steps for FIs to take advantage of the current climate to become mobile money leaders.

Key Takeaways:

  • Understand the status of the mobile payments space and why third-party vendors are facing difficulties with adoption
  • Discern the merits of an integrated mobile banking and payments solution
  • Learn how to leverage existing assets, data and customer relationships to drive adoption of mobile payment technology
  • Benefit from mobile payment examples and use cases

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