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Mobile Avengers

Gamification is coming to mobile banking, and to the 6th Annual Mobile Banking and Commerce Summit. This year’s conference will offer a great overview of how games are being used in financial services and give attendees first-hand experience with mobile gaming as you battle head-to-head with fellow attendees playing Mobile Avengers.

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Sunday, June 10, 2012

5:00 PM - 5:45 PM


Neff Hudson, AVP for Emerging Channels, USAA

Five years after the launch of the iPhone, the financial services industry finds itself at the end of the beginning of the mobile transformation. The industry’s early focus on providing self service tools to reduce costs and improve customer satisfaction has run its course. With branch traffic declining among key segments and a host of companies vying to redefine payments and retail shopping, the next phase of mobile will center on sales and m-marketing. But how is that going to work on a device as personal, small and powerful as a typical smartphone? In a provocative kickoff to the conference, USAA’s Neff Hudson contends that marketing on mobile devices needs to be vastly different to be effective. In fact, it can’t even feel like Marketing at all. The convergence of social, local and mobile make it possible to deliver on the pipedream promise of personalization.

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