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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

3:00 PM - 3:45 PM


Moderator: John Bartold, VP, Loyalty, EPSILON
Panelist: Beverly Hollifield, President, AT&T SELECT BUSINESS REWARDS
Panelist: Michael Mueller, VP, International Loyalty & Partnerships, WYNDHAM HOTEL GROUP/WYNDHAM REWARDS
Panelist: Bob Ryan, Senior Vice President, Rewards Management and Enhancement Services, WELLS FARGO
Bob Daly, SVP, Retail Payment Solutions, U.S. BANK

We are all very familiar with the 'stress test' conducted by the federal government on financial institutions earlier this year. While not as well publicized, loyalty program operators where under a stress test of their own during the past year with recessionary forces at the core. Program memberships, which had ballooned during the past few years as well as the levels of consumer debit, caused many loyalty marketers to review and revise their financial models, segmentation approaches, communication strategies and the consumers to target with their efforts going forward. Hear from some of the top loyalty marketers the challenges they faced, the decisions made and how the outcome will reshape loyalty going forward.

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