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Mark Zalewksi

Director of e-Business Solutions, American Financial Services Association

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Mark A. Zalewksi is Director of e-Business Solutions at the American Financial Services Association in Washington, DC where he is staff liaison to the National Title Solutions Forum and Credit Risk Management Committees.  Mr. Zalewski has held various executive positions in product, software development, telecommunications systems and global business development during his 25 plus years experience in the financial retail services industry.  He has a solid track record of being on the leading edge of product innovation for new market penetration and expansion for start-up and mature organizations.  He is credited with effecting the sharing of global ATMs, acceptance of credit and debit cards in fast food, grocery, convenient stores, USPS and pioneered Internet payments.  He has been an officer at HSBC, Goldome Bank, Global Payments Inc., GTE Spacenet, CyberCash Inc. and Longitude Systems.

He is a past chairman of ISO TC68, following a nine-year term that ended in 2006, which has responsibility for the development of international standards for use in the financial services and securities industries. 

He currently serves as Treasurer of Loudoun County Christmas in April, an affiliate of Rebuilding Together®, is President of the Bluemont Citizens Association and Vice President of the Friends of Bluemont.

Zalewski received a Bachelor of Science degree from State University College at Buffalo and an MBA in Finance and Marketing at Canisius College.  He also graduated from the Graduate School of Retail Bank Management at the University of Virginia’s McIntire School of Commerce.