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Kevin Baer

Managing Director/Founding Partner, Mpact Group


Kevin’s business career has spanned 27 years of professional experience in Senior Executive Leadership roles, coaching, training, speaking and writing.  His burning passion for transformation of performance effectiveness permeates every aspect of the company.

Kevin has held various key executive positions in industries such as performance coaching, business services, staffing and recruitment, internet, and sales training. He works extensively in both the private and public sectors helping local, regional and global organizations in such industries as manufacturing, high tech, energy, healthcare and finance.

Kevin’s high-velocity approach to executive coaching and energetic delivery style generates a fast-paced learning environment and accelerated results. He is constantly “pushing the envelope” with participants and challenging them to transform  out of their ordinary comfort zones and break through into new realms of performance. Extraordinary new outcomes get produced – at levels beyond what was previously considered probable or even possible.

Kevin is known for his unique ability to combine humor with edgy, hard-charging coaching.  He does not shy away from those “critical conversations” that make the biggest difference for people. He is able to both engage and challenge at the same time. His personal style engages participants through his use of wit, humor, story telling and analogies.

In 1999 Kevin founded Mpact Group, a Houston-based firm focused on effectiveness and performance transformation. The firm has three areas of focus: executive coaching, leadership development and sales performance.