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Ken Moyle

Managing Director, K6 Partners


I've been very fortunate to have gained deep legal and practical expertise in cloud services, electronic transactions and digital transformation. With 20+ years in the software/Internet space -- the last 10 as a senior exec at a Silicon Valley success story --I've had the opportunity to meet and learn from legal and business leaders all over the world, and I'm grateful for having the chance to share my knowledge with so many of them, either through speaking at their events, engaging with small groups to solve urgent problems, or just chatting one-on-one.

While I do a lot of work with Fortune 1000 companies, my passion for digital transformation comes the sheer exhilaration of leading startups across "the chasm", into viral adoption and revenue growth. And I've learned that you can't succeed just by having a great product and a great business model in today's whirlwind of technological disruption; you've got to be sensitive to the political and cultural responses to them, and recognize the need to drive advances in policies, laws and attitudes toward disruptive technological change.