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Justin Newton

CEO/CTO, Netki


Justin Newton is an early Internet pioneer and technology startup veteran. His last four companies: AboveNet, NetZero/United Online, Demand Media and Blackline Systems have all exited with $1 Billion + IPOs. He was responsible for architecting each company’s platform for global scale and preparing their data systems for Sarbox compliance. His expertise and leadership are directly responsible for over $1.5 billion in new revenue and savings at those companies.

Justin serves on the Board of Directors for Adra Software and has been an advisor to over a dozen startups with numerous exits including Juniper Networks, Citrix, and Alcatel.

He played a key role in both the technology and legal underpinnings of the early Internet. In addition to helping create early network and security standards, as the co-founder of the Internet Service Provider’s Consortium, he worked directly with U.S. Congressional leaders to ensure the Internet Tax Freedom, the Communications Decency, the Digital Copyright, and the CAN-SPAM Acts all allowed for user protection through security and privacy while enabling innovation to thrive.

Currently, Justin is founder and CEO of Netki, a provider of Open Source and Open Standards based Digital Identity solutions that allow financial service companies to meet compliance requirements and legal non repudiation on both public and private blockchains. Justin is also one of the authors of BIP 75, a protocol for digital identity exchange, originally designed for bitcoin, but now used as a standard for public and private blockchains. Netki’s digital identity solutions are part the IBM blockchain ecosystemand PwC Australia's Digital Asset Services.