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Geoffrey R. Gerdes

Principal Economist, Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System


Geoffrey R. Gerdes is principal economist in the payments division at the Federal Reserve Board in Washington, DC, where he has conducted research and policy work since 1999.  He leads the triennial Federal Reserve Payments Studies’ efforts to survey depository institutions and payments processors to quantitatively document the sweeping transformations within the U.S. payment system since the new Millennium.  Geoff has participated in several major initiatives to improve the efficiency of Federal Reserve payment operations, and contributed to a variety of international central bank working groups on payments issues, such a recent group that studied worldwide payment innovations.  His research interests include econometric and statistical measurement issues, survey research methods, financial infrastructure and behavior, the economics of production, and the economics of innovation and technological change and growth, including the microeconomic and macro implications of payment technology adoption and diffusion.  Geoff received his PhD. in economics from UCLA.