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Eamonn Maguire

Managing Director, US Management Consulting, KPMG LLP


■KPMG Global Lead in Financial Services across30 countries and all major sectors including Banking, Capital Markets, Asset Management and Insurance
■Regional Lead for the US and Canada in all FS sectors with specific leadership in Capital Markets and infrastructure such as clearing and exchanges
■More than 25 years of prior capital markets consulting and industry experience with various major institutions including Morgan Stanley, Merrill and others
■In depth experience in transformation of trading and derivatives operations at leading US Financial institution focused on operations, systems and controls
■Lead partner for major restructuring of front office, trading operations and finance – product control functions for major European Investment Bank
■Strategy implementation lead for Morgan Stanley Fixed Income and Structured Finance
■Advisory Primary lead on the development of booking entity analysis asset to enable quantitative modeling of optimal booking structures under DF

Eamonn as the Global and US lead for KPMG’s Blockchain Practice in Financial  Services, he has more than 28 years of management advisory and business experience. He has previously worked in industry in mortgage securitization and has focused on major transformations in capital markets, and regulatory change.

In this role as global FS Lead in Blockchain, he is responsible for service offerings in all of the major regions globally, in the formulation of thought leadership, market development, delivery and collaboration partner qualification and prioritization. As a practice, KPMG has prioritized its FS focus on blockchain applications in:

•Trading including debt, equity and derivatives trading
•Mortgage origination, servicing and securitization
•Payments, KYC and Finance of the Future

In addition, Eamonn has worked closely with the Santander Innovation Group, a leader in Blockchain innovation and has been engaged with them directly in establishing plans and use cases for derivatives trading for both internal and future external CP trading/