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Chitra Ragavan

Chief Communications Officer, Gem


Chitra Ragavan is the Chief Communications Officer at Gem. She works closely with the CEO and with Gem’s teams to communicate Gem’s technology, product, brand, and culture to customers, press, and investors. Prior to Gem, Chitra served for eight years as senior strategic advisor to the CEO of Palantir Technologies, the $20 billion dollar Silicon Valley unicorn. Chitra brought unique qualifications to her role as a strategic advisor: her wealth of long-term trusted relationships; the ability to wrestle complex issues to the ground; and a national reputation for integrity and excellence. Prior to joining Palantir, Chitra was a nationally recognized reporter. Her credentials include: chief legal affairs correspondent, U.S. News & World Report, and correspondent, National Public Radio (NPR). Chitra has a Masters degree in journalism from the University of Georgia, and a Bachelors degree in biochemistry and biology from the University of Mumbai, India.